Christ’s Family Church (CFC) began meeting in September of 1998. Since it’s beginning, CFC’s purpose has been to allow Jesus Christ to be the Head of His Church. We believe His desire is to build this local church into a loving, healthy “family”. This healthy “family”, known as the Church, is committed to discipling the next generation, reaching out into the Market Place and producing leaders who will plant churches in this region and all over the world!

Christ’s Family Church believes the whole Christian life hinges on the Great Commandment: love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. We believe these commands are summed up in two simple words, which we endeavor to live – Worship and Relationship.

We are a group of friends who love Jesus more than anything in our lives and who intend to love one another with a commitment that will last. We are a family encompassing everyone from young babies in their mother’s arms, to the grandparents we honor among us. We are nothing special in ourselves and are filled with the imperfections common to man; but we have this one thing in common: We are committed to Jesus Christ, who was crucified, Who now lives forever and Who is the Joy, the Cause, the Source, and the Supply for the abundant lives we live together.




Connected with a family of chruches

Don & Cheri White

Rick & Wendy James

The whole idea of family comes from God. “For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name (identity).” Ephesians 3:14-15

Isaiah 9:6 says that He is the “Everlasting Father.” He was always family (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Everything connected to God should feel like family. The imagery in Scripture of God’s House, the Church, is full of family.

We are called both to believe and belong. We were formed from God’s family. Healthy life in God is connected to family. Our local church is a family of believers working together to extend His Kingdom. We love the family of God with their various expressions of His life in our city and region and we work together as God leads for the furtherance of His purposes in the Earth

We are also connected relationally to an extra-local family in the United States called the Midwest Family of Churches and an international family of churches under the relational umbrella of “Salt and Light Ministries.”

Salt and Light Ministries is an international family of leaders and churches who have been drawn together by a common desire to se the Body of Christ grow to be all God wants it to be. We believe in strong, loving and committed relationships within local churches and across the Body of Christ throughout the nations. We also recognize that God is restoring to the church many New Testament ministries to equip the church for dynamic and effective mission to the world.

The significant values of the Salt and Light family are:

·  The Word of God, worship and prayer as foundational to our life in Christ.

·  The Church as the Body of Christ, with every member playing its part.

·  Relationship as the heart of how we are called to build together.

·  The Holy Spirit’s ministry in the life and worship of the believer and the church.

·  Cell Groups as foundational to building up a healthy body.

·  Personal Pastoring as a key to care, accountability & discipleship resulting in personal maturity in Christ.

·  Mission as God’s people being thrust out into God’s world to be ‘salt and light.’

·  The Kingdom of God as a dynamic reality among us and as the first priority of our lives.

Everything healthy is connected to something larger. “Ideally every Christian should belong to a group that is small enough for individuals to get to know, care for and particularly to pray in meaningful depth for one another, and also to a fellowship large enough to contain a wide variety in its membership, its styles of worship and its kingdom-activity. The smaller the local community, the more important it is to be powerfully linked to a larger unit.” (Simply Christian, Tom Wright).