Bible Colleges

In the event that you need to study liberal arts from a Christian viewpoint, Christian universities give you the chance to incorporate your faith into your training. In spite of the fact that the college experience is important, life on Christian grounds can be particularly transformative for people of faith. Morning Prayers in the school chapel encourages students to commune and love, and scholars will cling to an ethical way of life reflecting the teachings of the Christ. As you seek after your liberal arts, you’ll have to select a diverse selection of majors including science, visual depiction, software engineering, Spanish, and more.

Bible Colleges

Huntsville Bible College:

The mission of the Alabama-based Huntsville Bible College is to academically and spiritually preparing leaders trained for ministry in a multicultural world. Two master degrees are offered in this college, a master of ministry with emphasis in pastoral studies or biblical leadership. The college also offers a master’s in African American studies.

Summit Christian College:

The Summit Christian College was established in the year 1951. It is located in Nebraska. The college teaches a new generation of Christian pastors. The Bible school offers a mentoring service in addition to classroom experience, meanwhile, the students join with the mentor in the local church to obtain field experience.

College of the Ozarks:

The College of the Ozarks in Missouri emerges for its thorough educational cost-free training that gives students precious occupation skills while they study on campus. One of the best Bible universities in the country, the school offers undergraduate certifications in 27 majors extending from art and criminal equity to nursing and scriptural/philosophical studies.

Saint Louis Christian College:

Saint Louis Christian College serves as a center of pastoral studies in Missouri. The college was established in the year 1956. Every year, the school enlists around 150 undergraduates who are scholastically and profoundly trained to become leaders to serve in local and international ministry.

Emmaus Bible College:

On a beautiful campus comprising of 24 acres of land in Dubuque, scholastic degree programs are controlled by 10 departments, including Bible and Theology, Business Administration, Intercultural Studies, and Health Sciences. Undergraduate college education majors are accessible in fields going from computer information system, counseling psychology, and culturally diverse nursing, to instructor training programs with a few supports.

Kansas Christian College:

KCC has been training leaders since 1938. The Overland Park school offers an assortment of customary, evening, and online degrees concentrated on service in the zones of instruction, religion, music, and general studies. Associate and undergraduate certification majors incorporate pastoral or youth ministry, authority and service, mission, and business administration.


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