Scrip Program
Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Scrip”?

“Scrip” is simply another name for “Gift Certificates.” If you have ever used a gift certificate, then you’ve used Scrip.

The program works by parents, friends, relatives, and others purchasing Scrip through your organization from the selected merchants provided by Scrip Advantage.. These gift certificates are available from many local and national merchants, which you frequent during many of your weekly activities.


Where can I use Scrip?

The stores themselves issue their own Scrip. For example, a Macy’s gift Scrip is issued by Macy’s and is good only at Macy’s. It is the exact same Scrip you would receive if you walked into Macy’s and purchase one right in the store.


How do I use Scrip?

The great part about this program is that stores treat Scrip just like cash. This means that you just present them for payment at the register. However, more exciting is the fact that you do not need to use them only as gifts, if you prefer giving actual, tangible gifts then use the Scrip as you shop. Either way, your organization wins.


How does our organization make money?

Scrip Advantage purchases the Scrip from each merchant in large, bulk quantities at discounted rates. Scrip Advantage them makes these gift certificates available to non-profit organizations also at a discounted rate. Your organization then sells these same gift certificates to its families and members at face value. The difference between the discount rate and face value is your profit.


What if I don’t use the whole amount of the face value of the Scrip? Will I get change back?

Most stores will give change back if you do not use the entire amount of Scrip. However, each store has its own change-back policy, so make sure you ask a store representative before you shop if you are not sure. A good rule of thumb is to try to spend at least 80% of the face value of the Scrip. In addition, if your purchases are more than the amount on your Scrip, you can pay the difference with any other method convenient to you (i.e. cash, credit card, debit card, etc.)


Is there a limit on the amount of Scrip I can use at any one store?

No. They will gladly take as much money as you want to spend in their store, regardless of how you spend it.


Can I use Scrip to pay on my store charge card?

Yes, but only at those stores that are designated as such on your Scrip shopping list. Also, as with the change-back policies, the charge account payment policies differ from store to store. If you are not sure, clarify the policy of the store where your charge account is before you purchase Scrip.


Are there any geographical restrictions on where I can use Scrip?

Only if designated as such on your shopping list. Otherwise, store Scrip is good at any location nationwide. That means you can buy Scrip as gifts for those long, lost relatives.