CFCS Portable Classroom Setup

Project Start Date: Fri 08/16/02
Project Finish Date: Thu 10/24/02


Close on loan
0.5 daysFri 08/16/02Fri 08/16/02 James
Obtain permit for deck and cement pads
10 daysFri 08/16/02Tue 08/27/02 James
Contact Plumber to schedule work
3 daysFri 08/16/02Mon 08/19/02 James
Contact OPPD - schedule transformer install
0.25 daysFri 08/16/02Fri 08/16/021White
Stakeout / mark site location
0.25 daysSat 08/17/02Sat 08/17/02 James,Davis
Get Tom's paperwork signed
0.25 daysSat 08/17/02Sat 08/17/021White,Long
Get quote on fire alarms
5 daysMon 08/19/02Fri 08/23/02 Long
Review delivery path
2.67 daysMon 08/19/02Wed 08/21/02 White,Jennings,McGaffin
Determine classroom furnishing requirements
3 daysMon 08/19/02Wed 08/21/02 Staff
Return Tom's papework to FNB
0.13 daysMon 08/19/02Mon 08/19/026Long,White
Issue check to William Scotsman
0.5 daysMon 08/19/02Mon 08/19/0210,1James,White
Trench & run plumbing
5 daysWed 08/21/02Mon 08/26/023Tritz Plumbing
Welders repair frame
2 daysWed 08/21/02Thu 08/22/02 Welders
Trim trees
3 daysFri 08/23/02Mon 08/26/028Liberty
Decide on alarm vendor
2 daysMon 08/26/02Tue 08/27/027Long
Assess available furnishings and needs
3 daysMon 08/26/02Wed 08/28/02 Staff
No Fault / Harm letter for Jennings
0.5 daysMon 08/26/02Mon 08/26/02 White
Move in unit
1 dayTue 08/27/02Tue 08/27/0212,14,17Jennings
Set and block unit
1.5 daysWed 08/28/02Thu 08/29/0218Jennings
Connect plumbing to unit
0.5 daysThu 08/29/02Thu 08/29/0219Tritz Plumbing
Skirt unit
0.5 daysFri 08/30/02Fri 08/30/0220Jennings
Purchase 2 step/platform units for south doors
0.25 daysFri 08/30/02Fri 08/30/02 James
Purchase materials for north deck, ramp, & stairs
0.25 daysFri 08/30/02Fri 08/30/02 Davis,James
Order alarm system
0.25 daysFri 08/30/02Fri 08/30/0215Long,James
Build north deck, ramp, and stairs
2 daysSat 08/31/02Mon 09/02/022,21,23Davis
Select carpet / vinyl
5 daysTue 09/03/02Sat 09/07/02  
Obtain needed furnishings or alternative
10 daysTue 09/03/02Fri 09/13/0216Staff,James
Contact Electrician to schedule work
0.25 daysWed 09/04/02Wed 09/04/02 James
Determine phone and internet requirements
1 dayFri 09/06/02Fri 09/06/02 James,Gray,White
Clean inside of unit
1 daySat 09/07/02Sat 09/07/02 Church
Set Forms for cement pads
0.5 daysSat 09/07/02Sat 09/07/0225Davis
Pour cement pads
0.5 daysSat 09/07/02Sat 09/07/0231Davis
Order carpet / vinyl
7 daysMon 09/09/02Mon 09/16/0219James
Order phone and/or internet access
0.25 daysWed 09/11/02Wed 09/11/0229James
Set south steps in place
0.5 daysFri 09/13/02Fri 09/13/022,32Davis
Purchase materials for wall & door
0.25 daysFri 09/13/02Fri 09/13/02 Davis,James
Build Wall
1 daySat 09/14/02Sat 09/14/0236Davis
Install door
0.5 daysSat 09/14/02Sat 09/14/0236Davis
Lay carpet
0.5 daysTue 09/17/02Tue 09/17/0233,30 
Lay Vinyl
0.5 daysTue 09/17/02Tue 09/17/0233,30 
Move in and setup furnishings
1 dayWed 09/18/02Wed 09/18/0227,39,40Staff,Church
Install phone and/or internet access
1 dayMon 09/23/02Mon 09/23/0234Cox
OPPD install transformer
3 days?Mon 10/14/02Wed 10/16/0218OPPD
Connect electricity from transformer to unit
3 days?Thu 10/17/02Sat 10/19/0243Electrican
Apply for Certificate of Occupancy
1 day?Fri 10/18/02Fri 10/18/0243James
Install alarm system
1 day?Mon 10/21/02Mon 10/21/0224,44Alarm Vendor
Inspection for Certificate of Occupancy
1 day?Tue 10/22/02Tue 10/22/0246James,City
Training on alarm system
1 day?Tue 10/22/02Tue 10/22/0246Alarm Vendor,Staff
First Day of School in Portable
1 dayThu 10/24/02Thu 10/24/0247